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Specialize in extending the lifecycle of textiles, that are always sold as promised.


Our Products & Specialty


Mixed rags

Also known as mixed institutional rags or thrift rags, this is a category of used clothing generated from secondhand and thrift stores. Mixed rags are sold wholesale, most commonly packed in large bales, typically 800-1,200 lbs.

Mixed rags are made up of two types of clothing: items that were hung in a thrift store but did not sell (tags will usually still be on the clothing) and clothing that was not placed in a thrift store for sale due to flaws such as missing buttons, stains, etc. 

Graders use mixed rags as raw material for sorting. We are a wholesale supplier of mixed rags from various locations across the U.S.


Close-out returns

Name brand store returns are sold to you at a fraction of the price.  Items include men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, shoes, and household items.  Inventory is updated daily and available for domestic and export sales.

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Wiping rags

We have an impeccable reputation for supplying industrial wiping and polishing cloths to wholesalers worldwide. We buy and sell both reclaimed wipers and new mill ends. Wiping rags are available in bales, both cut and uncut.  


Used shoes & miscellaneous merchandise

Sold at a fraction of the price with updated, new inventory daily.  Men’s, women’s, kids' shoes, handbags, belts, toys, and stuffed animals are all available for domestic and export sales.


Credential clothing

These are unsorted and untouched collections coming from clothing bins placed at shopping centers, churches, schools, and local businesses in wealthier neighborhoods as well as home pickups from throughout the US.

This type of used clothing is left in the exact condition and in the original bags that the donor gave the items to the charity or clothing recycling company.

Fab-Tech ships untouched original credential clothing to customers in the US and worldwide. Our untouched credential can include all clothing, shoes, purses, backpacks, stuffed animals, and more.

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Premium used clothing

We export directly to end market customers and supply other American exporters.  We also have cultivated long-term business relationships with nonprofit charity organizations throughout the US.  Fab-Tech always has available premium used clothing, custom packed to meet your business needs.


 Let us help you manage your inventory.
We are always buying and selling!

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